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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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Expert Epoxy Flooring Services Columbus

You have owned a small company for many years, and then one day you notice that the concrete flooring on which you perform all your business is beginning to show signs of deterioration. Large cracks are beginning to form and the surface of the floor appears uneven and rugged. With our commercial epoxy flooring services, your business will appear and function like it did when you were just beginning. Our goal is to transform your concrete flooring and make it smooth and shiny, creating an optimal work environment. More and more businesses are switching over to commercial epoxy flooring, so go ahead and give us a call today!
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    Who Do We Serve?

    Although we pride ourselves on our commercial flooring services, we also do businesses with a wide range of customers, including industrial and residential properties. Listed below some of the settings that we focus on:
    • Warehouses
    • Offices
    • Private garages
    • Lobbies
    • Manufacturers
    • Processing plants
    • Indoor & Outdoor
    Many of the companies we serve understand that commercial epoxy flooring will make their lives – and their employees’ lives – a lot simpler. We encourage you to check out everything we have to offer on our website or give us a call.

    Expert Epoxy Flooring Services Columbus

    Our team of epoxy flooring contractors will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services. Our company is renowned for polishing, resurfacing, and restoring broken or severely damaged concrete flooring. We will install an epoxy flooring system that will benefit you and improve the way you handle your business exponentially. Commercial epoxy flooring can be quickly installed and you will immediately notice the difference from your previous concrete flooring system.
    Easier To Clean
    Epoxy surfaces are extremely smooth, and this means that debris and dirt will not cling to it. Most traditional concrete flooring requires rigorous cleaning methods, which can be time-consuming and require a lot of labor. However, with your epoxy installation, you can significantly reduce the amount of time that is spent on cleaning and buffering. Oil and other damaging substances will be met with stern resistance with your new epoxy flooring.
    Easier To Operate
    Many of our commercial and retail clients tell us that the epoxy flooring system is perfect for them because its smooth and polished surface enables them to perform business operations in an efficient manner. It makes sense to transition to epoxy flooring for business owners and retailers because their ultimate goal is to establish a work environment that makes everything easier for their laborers and administrators.
    Easier To Maintain
    Maintenance is a major factor in any kind of commercial or industrial setting. We understand that you are searching for ways in which you can reduce maintenance while operating at an efficient level. Epoxy flooring features a kind of durability that is not common to traditional concrete installations: you will not have to mop or buffer nearly as often as you would without the epoxy coating. Cracking and rough, uneven surfaces will be a thing of the past.
    Easier To Look At
    Visually, commercial epoxy flooring is a major upgrade from traditional flooring systems. The shiny, pristine quality of the epoxy gives it a unique and beautiful appearance that elevates not only the aesthetic appeal of the flooring but also imbues it with a kind of elegance that not long ago was not commonly found in industrial or manufacturing environments. More people are starting to understand that the way your flooring looks also enhances its viability.
    Easier To Light Up
    Commercial epoxy flooring contains a reflective aspect to it that simplifies and improves your lighting situation. The reflection from the polished epoxy surface makes it easier to light up your work environment while also providing you with more brightness and visibility. Being able to control the lighting of your commercial space is a part of maintaining efficiency and productivity while at work. Also, you will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity.
    Easier To Stay On Your Feet
    Slip-resistance is a major benefit of epoxy floor installations that can sometimes be overlooked. The polished epoxy provides a level of friction that significantly reduces the number of injuries and accidents that occur on slick, slippery concrete surfaces. Preventing every potential hazard from happening should always be one of your top priorities, and with epoxy flooring, you can guarantee a safe environment for all of your team members.
    Easier To Ensure Safety
    Companies and businesses are always thinking about the safety of their employees and their customers. Commercial epoxy flooring represents a major upgrade in re-establishing and revolutionizing safety standards. Because the epoxy installation is protected from any potential damaging, you will not have to worry about the accidents and injuries stemming from the deterioration of your concrete flooring. Also, the slip-resistant surface will keep you and your employees upright on your feet throughout the entire workday. Our epoxy flooring contractors also have control over the amount of friction you wish to have in your polished concrete floor, should you choose to moderate how much slip-resistance there will be.
    Easier To Afford
    We want to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their epoxy flooring installations in terms of how much money they save in the long run. Running a business requires a lot of financial prudence, and we want to make sure that you can plan for the future and spend less money on unforeseen expenditures. It has been proven that polished epoxy floor installations will reduce the amount of money you will spend on resurfacings and other common maintenance expenses. Polishing costs money in addition to the labor required to apply that polish, but a simple epoxy installation eliminates that extra expense. Strength and durability offer the ultimate solution to reducing all of those burdensome costs. Contact one of our contractors today!